Bermuda Psychology Association

Bermuda Psychology Association

Dr. Alison M. Daniels PsyD

Dr. Shawnee L. D. Basben PhD
Vice President

Dr. Cherita M. Rayner PsyD

  • 1
    To facilitate the growth and development of psychology.
  • 2
    To advance psychology as a science and as a profession in Bermuda
  • 3
    To contribute to the improvement of the quality of psychological services by offering continuing education experiences, establi-shing communication between psychologist on the island, and increasing public awareness of psychology and psychological issues.
  • 4
    To advocate on behalf of psychology to the public, other associations, private agencies, and the media in an effort to promote psychology and psychological values.

Member Spotlight

Dr Darrien S. Ray is a registered Bermudian clinical psychologist and licensed Indiana (US) psychologist who has been practising in Bermuda since 2013. He has extended experience providing therapy services at his private practice Milestones LTD ( Dr Ray sees children and adolescents who may struggle with behavioural or emotional problems. He assists families with relational problems and works with parents and children to establish a healthy, positive environment. Dr Ray also helps adult individuals who may struggle with depression, trauma, anxiety, or other difficult emotions. Moreover, he offers marriage or couples counselling for adults who may have relational problems.

Dr Ray has extensive experience conducting psycho-educational evaluations for children and young adults to help identify their academic strengths and weaknesses and to get them the academic accommodations they need to be successful in their studies. He is also able to provide developmental assessments that evaluate adaptive functioning and developmental delays such as in Autism Spectrum Disorder.

Dr Ray is also the Assessment Director at The Reading Clinic (, where he coordinates and provides testing services for new students who need psycho-educational assessments to identify any potential underlying learning challenges. His role at The Reading Clinic includes consultation services for parents who need guidance on how to assist their child's learning as well as providing outreach services to schools and parents.

Dr Ray is also a board member with The Bermuda Health Council and The Learning Disabilities Association of Bermuda.

Darrien Ray Psy.D.
Registered Bermuda Psychologist #58
Milestones LTD