Bermuda Psychology Association


  1. The Association will consist of members and student members.
  2. Members will include:
    1. Individuals registered with the Bermuda Psychology Registration Council.
    2. Individuals practicing psychology under the supervision of an individual who is registered with the Bermuda Psychologist Registration Council. Such individuals must be working towards the completion of a terminal degree in psychology.
    3. Individuals working with a doctoral degree in psychology (or terminal psychology degree) engaging in research, academic, or other psychology related activities.
    4. Individuals who are retired from a previous practice in the field of psychology, and/or who have made a distinguished contribution to psychology in Bermuda and/or to the Association.
  3. At the discretion of the Executive, student members shall be students who are registered in a graduate program in psychology. They must be an ordinary resident in Bermuda, are entitled to attend general meetings, and can sit on committees. Student members are not entitled to vote during meetings.